On completion of a Law Degree Christian began working as an independent filmmaker in Spain. A year later, while shooting documentaries and studying photography, he moved to Ireland where he shot his first short films. Christian was then selected for the directing program at the prestigious Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Christian showed immediately an incredible visual talent.

In 2005 Christian Filippella received his diploma in film directing from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia with the 35mm short film Thermae. A year later Christian won the only Fulbright bursary from the American Government for an Italian filmmaker to take a Master in film directing in the United States. In addition to this Fulbright Scholarship he was also awarded the Philip Morris Cinema Award twice and the Sergio Corbucci Prize.

In 2008 he obtained his MFA in Directing from American Film Institute.

Christian is based in Los Angeles where his company Satyricon Pictures produces feature films, commercials and music videos.

In 2011 Christian produced and directed Silver Case, starring an international cast including Academy Awards Nominees Eric Roberts and Seymour Cassel. Silver Case was presented at the International Rome Film Festival in November.